School Management

School Management
A Board of Management (BOM) manages the school. The overall responsibility for the day to day activities of the school devolves on the Principal.

The Board of Management (BOM) is made up of the following:
• Two direct nominees of the Patron, The Catholic Archbishop of Dublin.
• Two parents of pupils enrolled in the school (one being a mother, the other a father) elected by the general body of parents of the pupils enrolled in the school.
• One other teacher on the staff of the school, elected by the teaching staff.
• Two extra members from the community.

Enrolment Policy
The Board of Management requires that all pupils enrolled are assessed as falling within the severe to profound range of general learning disability.

Where the number of applicants exceeds the availability of places, priority will be given, in the following order, to:

1. Children already in Carmona Services, Early Services.
2. Children in Carmona Services Outreach Programmes, and
3. Children in the local area as defined by the catchment area of St. John of God Carmona Services.

Offers will be made following full discussions with parents, the school’s professional team and the Inspectorate of the Department of Education and Science.

Section 29 Appeal A decision not to have a pupil enrolled may be appealed, by the pupil’s parents/guardians, under the Section 29 Appeal Procedure.

National Council for Special Education
Following the formation of the NCSE approximately 80 Special Educational Needs Officers (SENOs) were appointed in September 2004. The Special Educational Needs Officer appointed to Carmona School is in regular contact with the school Principal. Initially, the SENOs role will be to deal with:

Application for Special Needs Assistants.
Application for School Transport
Application for other resources e.g. assistive technology

The SENO has been informed of all the requirements and needs of the school and pupils.

The National Council for Special Education may be contacted at:
Mill Street, Trim, Co. Meath.
Tel: 046-948-6400